Updating Dorico 3.5 Trial Version

Can I use my Dorico 4 activation licence to directly convert Dorico 3.5 trial version to Dorico 3.5 full version or
if I still want to keep using Dorico 3.5 do I need to uninstall the trial version and download the Dorico 3.5 full program rom the Steinberg support page

This is a slightly confusing question, Julian.

If you are new to Dorico and are buying Dorico Pro 4 now, then you won’t be able to run Dorico Pro 3.5 or earlier versions: due to the change in the licensing system introduced with Dorico 4, you can only run previous versions if you have a suitable eLicenser-based license for Dorico 3.5 itself.

It sounds like you are in the middle of a Dorico Pro 3.5 trial and are considering, or have purchased, Dorico 4. If so, then your Dorico 4 license will allow you to run Dorico 4 permanently, but when your Dorico 3.5 trial runs out, Dorico 3.5 will no longer run on your computer (and you can uninstall it if you wish).

I hope this answers your question, but please let me know if it doesn’t.

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