Updating from 10.5 to 11 safe?

Hi everyone,
I am thinking of updating from Cubase 10.5 to 11. I am currently working on a project on 10.5 that has a lot of native plugins like frequency and Quadrofuzz on it. Do you think opening it on 11 will be smooth, or will i have to adjust things a lot to bring it to the way it sounds on 10.5? Have any of you had any experiences they could share about making the transition?
Thank you!!

Personally, I’m waiting till the next update.

Cool! Usually come around November, right?

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I meant patch update, should be at least 2 more I think before the next release in November.

Oh so you mean you’re waiting for 11 to be more solid?

yes exactly

From my experience, I would wait with any upgrade until Steinberg puts more effort and resources into testing and bugfixing. When patches flow more often, and new releases are not as broken.

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meh, there’s a cost to users who always want the latest greatest for example getting a 4k screen before researching if their software will support 4k resolution, when 1080p/2k is more than adequate for DAW work, and then expect Steinberg to be able to instantly fix everything to work on 4k.

It’s just not realistic, software coders are not gods. I’m not so sure it has to do with Steinbergs resources management into testing and bugfixing.

As an audio engineer, if your set up is working, don’t change anything. I’m still using Cubase 10.5 on Windows 7.

Nothing prevents you from having both 10.5 & 11 both installed on your computer, and using whichever one works best for a specific Project. So in the unlikely event you open a 10.5 Project in 11 and something seems off, you can go back to using 10.5 on it.

FYI, the total number of 10.5 (and older) Projects I’ve opened in 11 that behave differently than the version they were initially created with is zero.

If you are extra concerned about a specific Project for some reason - use File>Backup Project… in 10.5 to create a copy and then use Cubase 11 on the copy not original.

Keep in mind

  • Most of the time everything will work just fine
  • Unless you paint yourself into a corner it should be easy to return to using 10.5
  • If you have any special concerns make a copy of the Project and use it to edit (or break) the Project
  • Folks spend WAY too much time fretting about this stuff based on the actual risk (if you are worried about this but don’t do daily system backups you’ve got your risk priorities backwards).

Thank you, this is very helpful!

There are three important rules for any DAW music production:

  1. Never upgrade in the middle of a project.
  2. Never upgrade in the middle of a project.
  3. Never upgrade in the middle of a project.
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Haha. Thanks.
The reason why I need to upgrade is because of the new export options in Cubase 11. Did you specifically had experience with this particular upgrade?

Actually this particular upgrade went relatively smooth for me. It also fixed two problems that were annoying me. 1. I can now remove items from the ‘Recent Files’ list in the Hub. and 2. The screens re-draw much more cleanly than they did after the last few update/upgrades.

Thanks this is helpful! Were there any issues at all opening old projects?

But we never really finish our projects do we…lol

LOL . . . To paraphrase a great artist “A project is never finished, only abandoned”

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Just an update here, I ended up going for the upgrade and except for one plugin, everything was super smooth, and I am super happy that I went for it since things are running a lot smoother, and that new Frequency plugin is fire.