Updating from 7 to 10 (can I still work on my old project ?)

Hi !

Wanna update from Cubase 7 to 10, wondering if

1 : I can access all of my project
2 : Will i Need to reinstal all of my plugin ?

I’m working on some project right now so can’t afford to resintall everything at the moment

Thanks a lot !

Hi and welcome,

  1. In theory, yes you should be able to open the projects (if you were using 64-bit Cubase 7). Of course it would be the best, if you could try it out by yourself with exactly your projects. But unfortunately there is no Cubase 10 Trial available yet. It’s always good to keep your old Cubase (7) installed to be able to go back if something doesn’t work to you.

  2. No, you don’t have to reinstall your plug-ins.

If this is on the same computer, cubase 7 will still be installed and usable. Only difference with 10 is that 10 does not load 32bit vst’s any more. If that is a problem, use jbridge it is cheap and works great.

Okay thanks a lot everyone ! I read indead that I can keep my cubase 7 just in case, but don’t I buy an update ? That will update my cubase 7 to 10 ? (making then unavailable my cubase 7).

Or is it just another software ?


The license will be updated. SO you will get Cubase 10 license instead of Cubase 7 license. But you can start Cubase 7 with Cubase 10 license. No problem at all. :wink:

Ooooh, okay, that’s super nice, thanks a lot : D

I am in the same situation (currently using Cubase 7, 64-bit) and am debating on whether or not to update to Cubase pro 10.

Does the Cubase pro 10 update install over Cubase 7 or does it install alongside?


Cubase 10 is other application, independent on Cubase 7. So your Cubase 7 will stay installed and you can start it any time you need to.

OK, thank you very much!
Once I migrated all my projects to Cubase 10 and made sure everything works fine on Cubase 10, would it be a good idea to uninstall Cubase 7?

9.5 is the last stable version, but i´m sure you read that here in the forums.

This is of course just my opinion, but I’d strongly advise leaving the old versions installed because:

  1. “…made sure everything works fine” is an impossible condition. You never know when it might be useful to fire up the old version because it has a plug-in that 10 won’t run, etc.
  2. Uninstalling is just some more work, and most of us have enough on our to-do lists. And it doesn’t use a lot of filespace.

Also having 2 separate versions can be useful if you want to access 2 projects at the same time, say to compare them - you can have a different active Project in each version.

I currently have 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 & 10 on my system where they will remain until the computer is replaced.

Thank you!
What you are saying all makes sense.
I used to have older version installed on my PC before, and at one point I think I had 3 or 4 different versions of Cubase on my PC installed, but I only ever used the latest. Since I upgraded my PC with a new SSD disc I got a bit OCD about leaving the drive clean with as little of software installed as possible, so only the necessary programs and applications. I would even get bothered by installing something and later uninstalling it because of traces an uninstalled program would leave in the registry…
But I will follow your advice and keep the Cubase 7 version on my PC. Thanks again!

I hear you about the SSD. When I initially switched my system disk to an SSD I got one that seemed like it would be big enough. And it was as long as I went in and cleaned it out on a far too frequent basis. Eventually I got tired of it and swapped it out for a larger one where I could have some “wasted” space and it would be OK.

With Cubase the programs themselves aren’t that large. On the other hand the content is large enough that it really needs to be elsewhere.

For some people cubase 10 is not stable. I have cubase 10 pro and a lot of errors with 3rd party plugins and cubase right click is missing, also there is not many theme colors, only 4, I’m using cubase 9.5 until this issue is solve.


You can customize your colors quite freely.

I would assume all the errors and stability issues people are experiencing with Cubase 10 are probably just bugs that will be fixed and resolved with future bug-fix patches? Is that a realistic expectation?

I would say so. The same, as it was with the earlier Cubase versions.