Updating from C10.5 pro to 11 pro

Hello guys
I’m updating to C11 Pro from the 10.5 version.
Since I already have C10.5, Do I need to install all the content offered in the download assistant such as HALion sonic, retrologue 2 etc.?

Can you tell me which content should I download and install that I don’t have or it’s not up to date in my C10.5?

Some of those ‘additional content’ things have been updated so it’s probably worth downloading the lot.

The installers tell you if they are going to update or if the existing version is the same.

You can go through all the content individually and find out the version number but it’s a chore.

thank you, the thing is that it’s a lot of GBs for my ssd and I don’t have a fast internet connection at the moment
I wish there was a way to know quickly which new content I need to download

well you can load the plugins that you have and see if the version numbers of the downloads are different. Nobody can tell you the versions that you already have…(it would be good if the download assistant would !)

You can delete the downloads when you’ve finished so they won’t take extra space on your SSD and I wouldn’t loose too much sleep about the TBW figures…obviously your internet speed may make it a little painful.

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