updating from C6 to C9 - extracting WINRAR files??

Cubase 9 just completed downloading, and I now have the “WINRAR” icon on the screen. It’s been a very long time since I’ve used this, and now I’m VERY confused as to how to complete the install.

When I select “extract files” it says I need to choose a folder. There’s tons of folders listed. Which folder do I choose? Do I create a new folder?


This is just for the installation files so ultimately it doesn’t matter although best to put it somewhere you’ll remember in case you need to run it again. Personally, yes, I’d create a new folder.

Well I just created a new folder, and when I launched the “install” icon, I was prompted to repair or uninstall some component of windows. I selected repair, and when finished it said it was strongly suggested to update to current service pack, or something like that,…and that was it! This appears to have nothing to do with Cubase!?

At this point I’m not even sure that was the correct WinRAR, although the details shows yesterdays date correctly. I now can’t even go back to the steinberg shop and re download because my session is timed out. So I’m out 300 bucks at this point!

Any ideas as to what that install icon was. I see no other installations after extracting the files.


Where did you buy this upgrade from, the Steinberg official shop?

What was the full name of the file that you tried to install it from? It does sound to me like you may have not have clicked on the right file for installation.

Check in your Downloads folder.

What windows and what service pack are you running?
It’s quite possible the installer can’t complete without a newer service pack installed.

…and Grim has a very valid point.

i checked in the downloads folder and see absolutely nothing with yesterday’s date! What the heck!?

…and Grim’s question about your version of Windows and SP?

I’m at work currently so can’t check,…but it’s Windows 7 and I’m pretty sure service pack 2. I have recently updated the service pack because I was updating some plugins to 64 bit and had to do so.

I downloaded this from the official Steinberg shop. I have the order number and access code in my email. Shouldn’t whatever I downloaded last night be SOMEWHERE on my computer. Unfortunately I selected “run” instead of “save” when downloading, but doesn’t it also always save the file? I now can’t even find the wrar icon that was on screen after the completed download.

I’ve created a support ticket, but that’ll take forever. That’s a real problem with Steinberg…yesterday I was able to speak with a universal audio support guy, left a message and be called me back,…ain’t happening with Steinberg!

If you used winrar to unzip the files then they are still exactly where you unzipped them to.

Lol…(laughing to keep from crying)…that’s just it, at this point I’m not even sure what I extracted. The folder I extracted to has nothing to do with cubase that I can see.

When I first saw the completed C9 download, and the subsequent winrar icon, I just clicked a folder(trying to figure it out) and it started extracting…I quickly clicked “cancel” because it appeared to be extracting to a folder it shouldn’t be. From there, with all the clicking and chasing my tail, I can’t even find anything that looks like that same winrar file. I searched the downloads and can’t see anything with a current date.

Can I maybe find the download in a temporary folder somewhere and try again?

Make sure hidden folders are showing and file extensions too and search the computer for cubase.
The compressed download is a zip file…So look for the zip extension.

Got it, but I’ve already searched for “cubase” but only find cubase 6 items. Again, since I selected “run” instead of “save”, wouldn’t the download be in a temporary folder?..which I’m not even sure how to find, but can “Google” it I’m sure.

The search should include temp folders. Thinking about it there is also the possibility the file got a temp be too!

You could just download the C9 trial version. With a C9 License it is the same. So did you manage to activate the update license?

Sorry, but what does “the file got a temp be tool!” mean ? Lol

Temp name…On my phone so caught out by auto correct i guess

Figured, me to. Alright at some point this evening I’ll search the temp folder if I can find it…not sure what else to do until I hear back from Steinberg support. Thanks for your input! Ah if only I’d selected “save” instead of “run” I think I’d be golden right now.

Read my other post. That’s what you can do.

…and a +1 from me to Grim’s suggestion to download the trial version if you can’t find the one you downloaded.

The trial version is exactly the same file and will turn into the permanent version with the activation code you have.