Updating from Cubase 6 demo to paid version

Hi Guys

I have just picked up the Cubase 6 update at my local store.

I currently have Cubase 4sx, the last version I used on my Mac, plus the demo of Cubase 6.

Is there anything special I need to do when loading the update? Or will the installer recognise the demo version and not duplicate parts of the install?

Also, is there any reason why I shouldn’t now delete C4?

Cheers and thanks,

The installer doesn’t care what version is installed. It only cares about the license on your Dongle. My advice would be to UNINSTALL any version you do not wish to continue to use (Cubase 6 demo). You can keep the Cubase 4 installed and the license will allow you to still run it if you like. You could actually install on a fresh, clean system as long as the installer sees your valid license to upgrade from on the dongle.

Thanks heaps for the speedy reply!

I’ve installed and it has all gone as hoped!

Cheers and thanks,