Updating from Cubase 6 on brand new CPU/OS

I am building a new CPU for Cubase 10.5. Brand new fresh MB, CPU, RAM, etc… Fresh Windows 10 Install.

I already own and use 6 on an older machine that is becoming obsolete.

My question is this: Do I have to (can I?) install 6 on the new machine before I update, or is the update the full version that would install like normal? I haven’t downloaded it yet because I am afraid I may screw something up if I don’t DL specifically to the new machine when it’s ready. Forgive my ignorance, I Haven’t done this since 2011 and at that time I purchased the boxed version with the DVD and eLicenser. Still have it all with the activation code sheet and I’m registered on Steinberg showing my proof of ownership, etc.

Just want to get all my ducks in a row before building the new system and installing things to have as little downtime as possible.

Super excited to use the new Cubase!!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

i think update from cubase 6 to 10.5 will give a full cubase 10.5 installation download.
cubase 6 probably not supported with win 10, but you can try install it,and cubase 10.5 later and they can both exist on the same machine with 10.5 license. when you upgrade you will receive a new activation code.(you don’t have to install cubase 6 to the new pc in order to upgrade)
just for a side note.cubase 11 is on its way(probably NOV 14 but not for sure),so maybe u better buy the upgrade to 10.5 now and activate it only when you need it so you may get cubase 11 as a grace period upgrade for free and save some $$$

No you don’t have to install Cubase 6.

The Cubase 10.5 (or later) installer will be a complete installation.

Yes, you can install Cubase 6 if you want to. It will need to be the 64bit version but although not supported, it has worked just fine on Windows 10 when I’ve opened it.

Thanks so much guys!
I already paid for everything, so perhaps there will be a grace period for the newest version. If not, no big deal :wink:
Take care!!

OH, one more thing… I assume 10.5 will open 6 files? Is that correct (hopefully!)?

Yes, it will. I have old version 6 projects and they open just fine. The only issue you might have is where 32bit plugins were used, sometimes Cubase will correctly identify the newer 64 bit version but sometimes it’ll just throw up an error. Of course if you were using the 64bit version of Cubase 56 this won’t be a problem.

Yes it would, as the 64bit version of Cubase 6 was still able to use 32bit plugins using the build in bridge. That is no longer possible since whatever version Steinberg removed the build in bridge.

Doh! Useful to know, thanks KHS. Guess I was only using real 64bit ones then, never had this problem…or else they’ve alwyas correctly translated to the new version without telling me.

To be pedantic I did say Cubase 56, the 64bit version of which was/is awesome!