updating from v.8.5.20 to 9: what about plugins?

Hi. I would like to know if I need to re-install all my third-party plugins in case I upgrade from Cubase 8.5.20 to Cubase 9. (That would be a large part of the upgrading process…)

Cubase 8.5.20
windows 7 Pro
Intel i7 quadcore
16 Gb ram
SSD 250 Gb

No, you should not have to re-install plug-ins.

You might have to use Plugin Manger to point to the locations where your plug-ins are installed.

Don’t forget that you can’t use 32 bit plug-ins in Cubase 9 without using jBridge or similar.

You also might want to search for your plugin names with the term Blacklist to see if other users have had issues as Cubase 9 blacklists plugins that it thinks might cause problems (including all 32bit ones). There’s also a Blacklisted Plugins subject here in the forum that might be worth browsing if you haven’t already.

Finally, you will still be able to use 8.5 after you’ve installed 9, it’s a separate installation and both can be used under your new upgraded 9 license.

Great to know!
If I’m not wrong, also under v.8.5.20, 32bit plugins need JBridge to be run, don’t they?

Yes, though there was a way round it in 8.5 to still use 32 bit plugins. Actually, I understand there’s still a way round in 9 but you have to play around with some file(s) and Steinberg have said that though this works at the moment it may not in future…best to use jBridge or 64bit plugins where available IMHO.

As an aside, the trial version has just been launched so may be worth giving that a go…