Updating from v9 to 9.5 without having two versions?


Is it possible to update from Cubase 9 to 9.5 without having two versions on my computer? When installing 9.5 does this update the existing version of Cubase or install a completely new version of Cubase in addition to the existing v9?

I think it is not an option. That is why i do not like these halftime updates. But what can we do about it…

That’s a real shame as I don’t want to have multiple versions of Cubase installed on my computer.

They install side by side so you can continue working with the old version if you happen to run into issues. Run Cubase 9.5 first, then close it and uninstall just Cubase 9 (nothing else).

That makes no sense.

Thanks. All my VST’s are ipcurrently in the Cubase 9 VST folder and I’m wonderng what would happen to those when I uninstall Cubase 9?

I installed the update (9.5) and trashed the old app (9) off the app folder (Mac)

+1 I don’t like having multiple version on my computer either…

Third party vst should be in a vstplugins folder outside of the Cubase folder but may be inside the Steinberg folder. If that’s the case then nothing will happen. If your third party vst are inside Cubase 9 folder you might want to relocate them before uninstall.
Note that the programme only takes a couple hundred mb of disk space so keeping multiple versions isn’t taking up much drive space. All the large files for sound libraries and samples are shared between versions.

And if you have to reinstall don’t you need the 9 then?

No, you can use the 9.5 full installer, OR if you still have 9.0 installed you can use either the update or full installer (depending on how long you want to spend downloading).

The installation & licensing are entirely separate. Anyone can install Cubase, it just won’t run unless you have a license on your dongle.

Then simply uninstall the old one.

But it can be pretty handy to have the old one(s) around. For example, right now 9.5 has a bug that doesn’t color notes correctly in the Key Ed based on the Chord Track. So I’ll be using 9.0 when I need that. Also you can run 9.5, 9.0, 8.5, & 8.0 all at the same time side-by-side.