Updating Halion to 7

I think Steinberg should be upfront about it and tell people that you can’t update Halion 6 to Halion 7 if you have Halion as part of Absolute.
It would save a lot of grief and lost time for customers, retailers, and maybe for Steinberg too.

I think the Absolute 5 to 6 upgrade costs the same doesn’t it? Includes H7.

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Isn’t it common sense ? If you bought Halion as part of Absolute then Absolute is your Licence, not individual instruments

It is common sense, yes. But, I made the same mistake. The Halion 7 upgrade announcement came out on YT and was emailed out before any mention of the Absolute upgrade. In fact I have received no announcement about the Absolute upgrade from 5 to 6! And it’s just possible in all the offers etc Steinberg do for crossgrades etc that some of us of a more senior mind may forget we have Halion as part of Absolute? :wink:

I bought Halion as part of Absolute. So I should have a license for Halion as well as licenses for all the other things included.

I bought a car, but now I want to get a new tire.

“No - you bought a whole car, so you can’t just get a new tire, you have to buy another new car.”

Then you have an Absolute licence bundled , NOT singular instruments

I already updated. Just making conversation. :thinking:

Besides the new Halion, I updated mostly to get rid of the dongle.