Updating laptop and wait with the desktop computer

An odd question perhaps but, is it possible to update my Laptop to Cubase pro 12 and wait with the desktop computer without any problems and just continue with the dongle at that machine with Cubase pro 11?

I have version pro 11.0.41 on both my computersa and running them thru the dongle (of cource).

What will happen if I install Cubase Pro 12 on the laptop and not on the other machine (Desktop) because of my ongoing projects I dont want to disturbe at the moment.

How should I think to make this work seamlessly?
Can the new installation on the Laptop interfere with my license on my desktop where I am still running Cubase pro 11 with a dongle.

Looking forward to use the Cubase 12 :slight_smile:
All the best!



Installing Cubase 12 doesn’t remove Cubase 11. You can have both versions installed at the same time on the same computer. (I have 3 versions of Cubase on my main DAW.)

Hi mlindeb
Thanks for the fast response.
Yes I know, I have Cubase 10 and 11 on my computers today.

Unfortunately, I hear a lot of people in different groups online who have had problems with the new installation, licensing, etc., so I have some concerns this time.
However, there have never been any major problems since Cubase 5 (my first) only some minor bugs.
This time I hear how some VST plug-ins do not work, especially from third party vendors.
I have 80% VST 3 but the rest is VST 2.4
By the way, some vendors unfortunately include both VST 3 and VST 2 during installation (which comes with whether you want it or not) and they are time consuming to remove after an installation…

Looking forward to Cubase Pro 12 ::smiley:

Please, draw your own conclusions based on your own experience.

Do what professional studios do – install on a non-critical machine, and wait for the critical machine.

Oh yeah! That’s what you’re doing. :grinning:

You may still need the dongle for things like HALion 6 etc. That can cause some confusion for some people.

Whenever you get around to a completely fresh install most of the installers will give you the great responsibility to choose which versions to install. I always choose only VST3. Installers can have great powerful, but you do have to choose.

by the way… Halion 6 uses the Soft-Elicenser, unless the user moved it to the USB key

Does all of Absolut? And what about GA expansions? If so, How do I move those to a soft licenser?
And can I have them on more than one machine at a time? I’ve never used a soft license.

I have to use the dongle for Halion because for me, it’s part of Absolute.

And to the OP - I put C12 on my laptop, but I’m staying with 11 on the desktop, because it’s really old and will be replaced before too long.

@misohoza says > New user has no previous experience with the software and nothing to back up. There are plenty of programs where the license covers just a specific versions. So while this backward compatibility and the ability to open older versions can come handy at times I don’t believe new users will care

well you forgot the fact that there exists CURRENT USERS that account for the majority of the userbase as well, so your comment makes no sense. because of new users, we should dont have backwards compatibility of old users? Ridiculous statement, no logic at all there bud.

Well Steve… my own conclusions? I have been to the Cubase PRO usergroups where some (not all) have had these problems so I am a little bit concernd.
Thats why I am starting with one of two computers in my studio to see what works and not works.
Interessting that you need to have the dongle for some of the plug-ins though Cubase 12 installed.

Yes! What I meant with my post above is that that’s the way to do it.