Updating Marker times when setting timecode

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone else has this happen to them:

I’m setting cycle markers throughout my project. I check the start and end times of my marker using the info line towards the top of the screen.

So I have a highlighted marker in the project and the info line is showing the start and end time. I select “Set Timecode At Cursor” and change the timecode of the project. When Nuendo asks if I want to keep project content at the current timecode position I answer no. The timecode of the project is then shifted.

However, the start and end time of the marker will continue to show the pre-change in-and-out instead of the updated in-and-out time. To get it to show the correct time I have to de-select the marker and re-select it.

Is this just my system?


Darren “Timecode” Ingram


My markers has been moved to the new position.

Isn’t your Marker track locked? If I lock the Marker track, these markers are not locked.