Updating Media files...problem.

Can anyone help me to understand what’s happening with Cubase 5.5.2 and the Media files scan?

Prior to 5.5, I can’t remember this happening, but now, every 2 weeks or so, as I close down Cubase, I get the alert that it’s scanning and updating Media files. This will not get anywhere. And I have to abort. This will crash and hang Cubase. So anyway, after searching this site and others, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in my frustration. So, following advice, I close down virus software, and finally, it will scan. I eventually found the time to let it complete which took around 2 hours or so! So now, it’s fine again. But I know this will all repeat in a couple of weeks. Madness. I’ve unchecked all the unimportant folders and drives, so it’s only checking the relevant folders as far as I’m aware.

Surely there is a way to disable this feature, or better still, speed it up. This is a major inconvenience to say the least. But as I say, not one I’ve noticed on earlier versions.

Can anyone shed light onto what’s happening, and why? And what determines when it scans?



Can anyone just confirm or otherwise that it happens to them? Do you find Cubase randomly scanning and updating Media files on closing Cubase, and does it take an age?

I have had this happen twice since a few weeks ago. I have installed 5.5.3 since then and then upgraded to 64 bit so I am not sure which one of those triggered it. It don’t remember it happening when I was running the 32 bit 5.5.2. It did finish after about 3-5 minutes. I don’t have any content beyond the stock content so I can see how someone with a lot of extra media could be waiting a very long time.
I am fairly certain there have been other posts about this. I don’t remember ever seeing an answer though. I couldn’t find the old topics becuase the search function on the forum is not very good.


EDIT. I found one of the topics I saw about this

Thankyou jaslan, so I’m not going mad.

I did read of others on the forum having issues before I posted, so I know it’s not an isolated case, but like you pointed out, there seems no answer. I’ve sent a query to Steinberg support, so we’ll see. The thing is, I’ve just reinstalled XP, and it still does it. I have nothing in there other than the stuff that came with C5 really. Would love to get to the bottom of this one. It would also be nice to have some kind of control over the scanning. If I deselect any folders, there are reselected after I restart Cubase! Argh!

Happening to me now… stuck on 12/14 and the “estimated time remaining” is just climbing steadily.

Cubase 8.0.3 OSX 10.4

I hope I don’t lose too much by force quitting.