Updating Media Files


I dont know if this is in the manual but I thought someone might know

‘updating media files’ upon a Cubase close, what is actually happening, can it be aborted safely?

I have just updated Kontakt, and upon closing Cubase after this first run post update Cubase is updating media files and will take 1.5 hrs!!

If I try to abort it warns me all data will be lost? :confused:

It’s just Mediabay indexing everything.

You should be fine closing it & then next time you open Cubase you can change your settings in Mediabay so it doesn’t scan your Kontakt sample libraries.

Happened all the time to me in 5.5. No idea why, but you can just abort. Thankfully this does not happen in 6…
Ciao ok

Oh, but it DOES, actually :slight_smile: Mor me C6 has done this annoying updating several times, and me neither knew that what the hell it was supposed to even be. Very frustrating when you are closing your PC after mixing for straight 30 hours and would like to get some sleep for a change, and then you have to stand by and picking you head with match sticks under your eyelads for an hour so that it will close :laughing: