Updating my Audio PC

Hey Guys!
I need your Help.
Last few months i got really into Computers. Now I hope that I know a little bit more.
The PC should be primarily for recording, editing and mixing.
I am Using Cubase 7 Artist and a lot of VST’s like Kontakt, Waves, 8dio…
In almost every Project I have 4-10 Virtual Instruments. Sometimes there are a little bit more.

My current system:
OS: Win 7
Motherboard: Asus M4A88T-V Evo
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 at 3 GHz
RAM: Corsair Vengance 12GB 1600mHz Cl9 (UPGRADED)
CPU Cooler: Thermalright Macho REV.A (BW) (UPGRADED)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 3TB UPGRADED

AUDIO Interface: Motu 896mk3 hybrid
MIDI Interface: Motu Fastlane

My problemes with this system so far:

  1. DPC Latency: MIN: 180 AVG: 400 MAX: over 6000
  2. Processor is weak
  3. I think I should put all the VST’S on a SSD
  4. If I am at Cubase on 256 samples per buffer on a smaller Project, it is clicking the whole time…
  5. No Windows 7 64bit optimized drivers for the motherboard (Latest are from 2010)

My shopping List:
Mainboard: ASrock Z97 Extreme 6 (Due to a recommendation from Anandtech: DPC Latency is a Max of 39!)
CPU: Intel Xeon 1246v3
SSD for Kontakt libraries and Plug-Ins: Crucial MX100 512GB
Case: Fractal Design Define R4
PSU: Sea Sonic Platinum Fanless 400W
A couple of Noctua NF P12 Fans
And one 4GB Stick RAM (total of 16GB)

What do you think?

You may want to investigate X99 chipset options and the recent intel i7 59xx series of CPUs instead of Z97 / xeon. X99 supports DDR4 and a host of other improvements. My experience with this topology has been has been very good so far.

I did yesterday!
The Z99 chipset is quite interesting.
But I think a i7 5xxx will blow up my budget…
Could you do me a favor and check how high your DPC latency can get?
Please check before you test that you have the latest drivers.

Hi… DPC latency maxes out at 122us (nvidia kernel mode driver)

Thank you for checking that!
I calculated all that stuff and it’s definetly too expensive…
I don’t know if I would benefit with such a system…
What do you think?
When comes the point when you really need 6 Cores/ 12 Threads?
What dou you say on a Workstation Mainboard with a C226 chipset?

I think everyone’s needs are a little different so there may not be a one size fits all solution. I tend to use lots of synths and plugins so my work benefits from the additional cores so for me the benefit is tangible. I think you would see good results from a Xeon board if you’re not looking for next-level pcie support and ddr4 memory. On the other hand I have not used a Xeon board for a DAW so my opinion should be heavily discounted. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I understand.
I saw your pictures of the control room! Thats Insane!
I far away from that.
I will only use that stuff for my personal needs or maybe if a friend needs somthing to record.
Therefore I think your System would be definetly an Overkill.

I have to say that my motu has awful drivers. Therefore I will go with something else.
The Motu unit has several audio dropouts and after a longer worksession it goes like really crazy…

I really think that Xeon will do a hell of a job for my projets.
The last question is, which board should I really take?
Should I rely on this site?

Great! Good luck with the new rig!

I’m using a Lenovo E31 Xeon E3-1225V2/3.2GHz Workstation, never given me any problems, :wink:

It looks like my motherboard bricked yesterday, after 5 years with almost no peak processing. I ordered a pc upgrade package that is available:

ASUS X99-Deluxe Motherboard
Core i7-5960X
32 GB DDR4

Nice! … What RAM are you getting?

Corsair Vengeance LPX. I see you have the same MOBO and processor as me. Have you used these M.2 x 4 SSD drive on your pci express ?

Yes, I have the same memory as what you are getting as well. (2666). I am using a Samsung Pro 850 512gb SSD on the SATA bus rather than the M.2 bus. I am thinking of getting an ADATA Premier Pro SP900 to see how it performs but so far I am an M.2 virgin…

Together with the HYPER M.2 x 4 one should get some amazing transfer speeds, 32 Gbit on the pci express buss.

For sure!! Please post your performance results when you’re ready to go…

I’ll do that. But my lack of tallent does not get easily compensated by expensive equipment, but one can try … :laughing:

Chord track and an arpeggiator do help alot :blush:

I did not dare to buy a M.2 x 4 SDD yet. I read when utilizing the HYPER M.2 x 4 you want to make sure that you use a M.2 x 4 SSD that not only uses the SATA3 protocol but also one that can be used on pci devices, cause SATA3 limits your transfering speeds. Maybe some here can shed some light on this.

While building my system last night I found out that the firewire pci-card I had bought does not fit in the pci slots that I have available on the Asus X99 MOBO. A bit of a bummer, now I have no reasons to hang on to windows 7. I can start selling my firewire audio interface.