Updating Nuendo on Yosemite

Hi there, wondered if anyone could help me out with this:

I have installed Yosemite on my Mac Book Pro and have installed Nuendo using the installer application.

However, my iso is 6.02. Is it possible to install the 6.07 update? I can’t seem to do it at the moment?
Also, will Nuendo 6 be supported on Yosemite in February, along with 6.5?

I am aware Yosemite is not recommended yet, which is why my Mac Pro is still on Mavericks.


a Nuendo Yosemite update is currently planned for early February.


Meanhile will there be a cubase 8 trial I can use for Jan with Yosemite?

A Cubase 8 trial would be hugely helpful for January. Any chance in this guys?


I use Nuendo 5.5.6 and 6.5.35 on 10.10.2 (beta). My projects are small and have no video, so I can’t comment on whether Nuendo is “totally” usable in Yosemite, but the only problem I encountered is with installing and updating. I circumvented the problem with the third-party app Pacifist that can open an installer package and proceed with the installation.

My wish for the next Nuendo is that it’s retina-ready…

Yes retina support is definitely on my wish list!

I tried Nuendo 6.5 on Yosemite and it didn’t work well enough to use it. I couldn’t open the midi and sample editor windows consistently on my machine.

Any idea when the Cubase 8 demo will be ready guys?