Updating plugin list crashes Cubase

So im gonna point out that i don’t own any cracked stuff i paid for everything i got or it was free. Everytime i go in the plugin-info tab and i push update plugin list it crashes Cubase.

Im using the latest cubase 7.5

Windows 7


It seams, one (at least) plug-in crashes. Make sure all of your plug-ins are up-to-date. Also make sure, your Cubase is the latest one (7.5.40).

If it’s crashes, you Jave to remove the plug-ins from the folder, and then put them back one by one and test, which one crashes Cubase.


And if you have LOTS o’ plugs consider using the ‘half by half’ method.

1-Remove half your plugs. If you still get crashes, you now know in which half the prob lives.

2-If you don’t get any crashes, you now know the prob is in the other half.

Repeat this process till you narrow and track down the offending plug(s)

Good Luck!