Updating to 2.1

I just recently decided to update to Dorico Pro 2.1 from 2.0, but I can’t. I’m running Windows 10 and everytime I run the exe file, a screen pop up (with a moving progress bar saying “Extracting”), closes, and than a blank window appears instead. I would love to update, but I can’t seem to.

Are you using the Steinberg Download Assistant?

In case it helps, here’s a direct link to the Dorico 2.1 updater for Windows:


I tried both the Steinberg Download Assistant and the direct link Daniel posted. Both have the same result.

That’s very odd! I will ask our installer team if they have any suggestions and come back to you.

I heard back from our installer team, and they think that probably the issue is that you need to ensure that the latest version of the .NET Framework is installed for your version of Windows. I believe this page links to the latest version of the installer.