Updating to Dorico 4.2

I am updating to Dorico 2 using the Dorico 4.2 Application Installer. It is almost 600 mg. Am I on the right track? It seems big to me.


Seems right I think.


It’s the Full installer, not an update

Yay! Thanks

Wait, I think it is now leading me to install Dorico4.pkg which seems to be a complete full installer, like you said. And it doesn’t say Dorico 4.2. It is now another KB of space. I’m confused. I just want the update Dorico 4.2.

I meant Gigabyte.

Don’t worry, while it is the complete application installer, it will overwrite your existing Dorico 4 application package, and it won’t use up any significant additional disk space.

Thought you wrote from Dorico 2.
Misread, I guess.


Got it. Thank you

Thank you, Jesele. I was unsure of what was happening. It was my confusion.

Thanks again. I am in Dorico 2 now.