Updating to HALion 6 - frequently asked questions

Yes, the HALion 5 Add-on license covers legacy products like HALion 4 & 3 and also Hypersonic.

According to the update FAQ
"HALion 6 will replace your HALion 5 or HALion 4 plug-in installation.
After the installation of HALion 6 HALion 5 will not be available on your system."

Will next generation HALion installer/license do same behavior like H6?
If yes, do we need migrate preset/instance files AGAIN when upgrade to next generation HALion (7,8,9…) if using VST Host which HALion installer / VST Host apps will not be replaced (e.g. VEP, other VST plugin Chainer)?

Please excuse my poor english.

Yes, all HALion generations since HALion 4 share the same plugin ID. This way the plugin of each generation can just be replaced with the latest generation and full project compatibility in DAWs is garanteed. It would be interesting to know what causes the issue in VEP.

I’m going to update to VEP 6 to see if there is any difference.

(still didn’t get “back” my H5 license)

I understand it.
Thank you so much for your support.

No difference with VE Pro 6.
I posted on their forum. We’ll see if anybody has a suggestion on that.

If VEP uses the dll name instead of the internal plugin ID you could try renaming the halion 6 dll to the name of the halion 5 dll. This should make no difference to cubase and might save you from VEP problems.
Hope this helps.

Nice idea!
I tried. Unfortunately HALion disappears from VEP when I change the name of the dll (dll + srf). Maybe there are other files to modify somewhere else.

Still no response regarding H5 license. I’m still stuck.

That should not happen. Be sure to get the right dll (see in the Vep setup what folder it is scanning) and don’t change any other names as that will probably break halion. The dll has a different name but is still halion 6. Maybe after only setting the right halion to 5 force a rescan. And it must be the exact name halion 5 had when it was used by VEP.

Actually it doesn’t work with VEP 6.
I uninstalled version 6, and now VEP 5 recognizes H6 as H5 when I change its name.

Now, individually saved channel sets load with H6.
BUT, my existing VEP project (Metaframe), and this is the most important, still doesn’t load previously created channel sets, using the newly renamed H5. :angry:

PS : I renamed HALion 6.dll to HALion 5.dll

Ah to bad!
Hope it gets sorted

I got Halion 5 with HyperSonic 2. On my eLicenser it show’s that I have a Halion 5 license.

So I am a bit confused. Edited:

Nevermind! I just read this-

Is HALion Sonic 3 included in HALion 6?
Yes, the plug-in and the library are completely included in HALion 6 and covered by the HALion 6 license.

Sorry! :laughing: :unamused:

Does anyone know, if its possible
to install Halion 6 upgrade in same library
as Halion 4-5 library, without loosing Halion 4-5
contents ?.

I would just like to know, because
i have my halion 4-5 library contents installed on my ssd, i want to keep both
Halion 4-5 and 6.

I don’t care if Halion 6 overwrite my
Halion 5 license on my usb elicenser,
execpt that i want to keep all
Halion libraries!.

I did’nt buy Halion 6 upgrade yet!.

I lost Hypersonic 2 on both licenses as I upgraded to Halion 6.
there is no support center in Jordan were I live.
how to contact the support team to get 2 HALion 5 Add-On licenses?


Please log into your MySteinberg account and open a support ticket.

I did 9 days ago and until now no answer

if I buy a new halion 5 edu, does it get updated to V6 EDU free ?

This is ridiculous. One gets the advice to open a ticket. But nothing happens with that ticket until one starts complaining here.
I have also opened a ticket and heard nothing after the automated reply.


Please sent me a PM with your ticket numbers and I’ll talk to the support team.

I was about to get the HS 5 to HS 6 upgrade. From reading the discussion here I take it that up"grading" actually sets you back in regards that one can’t easily use HS 5 besides HS 6. One has to remove HS 6 and “reinstall” HS 5 to get older projects working. Unless this issue has been solved i think i will have to pass on HS 6 for now, too much time consuming hassles in my case … F