Updating to Win 11 - With Cubase Elements 10.5?

I am reliably informed by Microsoft that my PC is capable of running their new Win 11 package, and that there is a Win 11 download awaiting. I just need to download and install it.

However, reading the Steinberg info on their page relating to the ability of Elements 10.5 to run satisfactorily in Win 11, I find this vague comment.

Cubase LE/AI/Elements 11.0.40 - compatible
Cubase 10.x - not officially compatible

Does this mean that in might work, but only unofficially, or that it won’t work at all ?

Surely it should be easy enough to say whether it will or will not work in the new Win 11 platform.

Just curious, before I make a decision on moving to Cubase Elements v 11.x, and subsequently upgrading to Win 11.

Anybody have any thoughts on the matter ?


It might work, but only unofficially.