Updating to WIn10 from WIN7


I have win7 64bit home premium and was told that it can only support 16GB of memory. Id like to get more memory so… while the win10 is still free is it safe to switch to it? I was planning to install it over win7 not a fresh install.

I have M audio fasttrack pro, komplete 8.

(I just don´t like working with win 10 compared to win7.)

Many users have done exactly what you are contemplating. Some had issues, most did not. I think most of the ones with issues figured out what they were and are now using W10. Some reverted back. Your concern about adding RAM is very system dependent. It is possible that not only the OS limits it but the motherboard and bios could limit it too. Good luck. If it doesn’t work out you do have the 30 day period where you can revert back to W7.

BTW… I’m still on Win 7 because my PC is not compatible to be upgraded to W10 even though the W10 compatibility check says it is compatible. :unamused:

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Just make sure that there are drivers for win10.
I have done a upgrade install on 4 computers, no real issues besides I had to go through the device manager and check every driver. Some where replaced by generic drivers, updating those and everything ran smooth.
With the myriads of hardware components out there, you really have to try to find out if it works on your configuration. Make a image backup before and you can quickly go back if anything blows up. Good luck.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the info!