Updating via software doesn't work

If I try to update Dorico 4.0 Pro via itself, I’m sent to this page here:

However I already have both Steinberg Activation Manager and Steinberg Library Manager, and they’re both updated.
So what is happening here?
In the end I’ve updated manually with the download assistant.

That page contains downloads for SAM and SLM (which must be present for Dorico to work) – but it also contains complete installers for Dorico and the HALion player and samples.

What isn’t working for you?

It doesn’t automatically update itself: “Check for Updates” takes you to that page. You can then check whether the version is later, and download the installer.

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Oh, I see, by “installing without Steinberg Download Assistant” they mean manually downloading the files and installing manually, ok.
So it’s not possible to update directly via Dorico, only via the Download Assistant.
Thanks for clarifying.