Updating Wavelab & Sequel eLicenses


I acquired a Steinberg Cl1 USB Audio Interface in 2010, in order to transfer my large LP and cassette music collection over to my computer in digital (wave/mp3) form. I used it for several weeks but then ran out of time. Now I want to start up again, but this isn’t easy.

I opened a Steinberg online account in 2010, which I still have. And I registered my product (Wavelab LE 7 and Sequel LE 2) through the eLicenser software then available. This still shows on the account.

In 2010 I was using Win 7, now I am using Win 10, on a new laptop (which meets all of the technical recommendations).

The Yamaha Steinberg USB driver needed updating. (I’ve downloaded the current version.) However, since the other software is proprietary, I need to update it with the current eLicenser.

PROBLEM: How do I get the registration info from the 2010 eLicenser onto the current version, running on a new computer with a different operating system? It seems that the Steinberg site should have an automatic way of doing this, of keeping current, but if it does that isn’t obvious.

I do not want to install my 2010 (Win 7) program discs and then update from, since (apart from the extra work) I’m not sure what it would do to the Win 10 installation.

So it seems I’m stuck. I’ve contacted Steinberg directly, but that will take a while and involve repeated back and forth. So, has anyone on the forum faced this kind of problem? Any suggestions? Where (if anywhere) can I look?