upg win8pro 64bit problem with legacy FW driver


Sunday I upgraded my win7 to win8 64 bit and everything went good except for the focusrite liquid mix. In the previous winodws 7 64 bit platform, it worked with a downgrade of the firewire driver (selecting the legacy driver).

The trick al;so is possible in windows 8, so I loaded the windows 7 legacy drivers and these show up, however the liquid mix isn’t popping up for new drivers. I can work around not having the liquid mix but finding it sorry that it sits in a box now.

Somebody any suggestions what else to try?

(note that I’ve already asked focusrite support to help out but this can take some time before they even know what to or simple react)


Update: Found some howto’s on the RME and MOTU user forums, will try this tonight and give feedback if someone want to know this :slight_smile: (If anyone reads this!) :smiling_imp: