upgrade 10.40 to 10.50?

Hi, Do I have to pay for another license to update? I tried using my original code and it said it had been used already? am I doing something wrong?> thankyou in advance


Hi and welcome,

No maintenance updates are for free. So you can update from Cubase 10.0.40 to 10.0.50. You don’t have to use any code. Just download Cubase 10.0.50 and start it.

If you want to update to Cubase 10.5, then you have to purchase the update (if you are not valid for Grace Period free update).

I think you are confusing the free maintenance updates 10.0.40 & 10.0.50 with the paid upgrade 10.5

The steinerg updates or upgrades are still a bit confusing to me.
I cannot understand while 1.xx version with other companies are free updates, steiny is not.
Specially the C10 upgrade was not Anniversary material the C10 combined C10.5 update upgrade might be worth it to change to C10 finally.

It’s basically just a weird number convention Steinberg uses - where other companies name each new paid version with by incrementing the integer portion (e.g. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc.). Steinberg on the other hand uses x.0 & x.5 to indicate major paid upgrades. So in the previous example Cubase would number the same changes:
Others Cubase
1.0 = 1.0
2.0 = 1.5
3.0 = 2.0
4.0 = 2.5

I’ve no idea why they do it this way and it always causes MAJOR CONFUSION at every X.5 release.

And that is Exactly why they should not do this…
In the beginning i bought C9 in the shop.
I had 6 weeks to free Upgrade. In that 6 weeks nu upgrades comes!
So the first C95 update pay, and that was in 1.5 month after purchase in the shop.
That is so great to pay 299 euro, and one half month later 79,- euro extra.
At least you should have some kind of legal thing in software 1 year or 3 years warrenty.
So free updates…
If you understand other companies do, you expect free update.
We pay it, but we DONT LIKE IT.
And Steinberg makes it very confusing for First time buyers!
And i think they walk away eventually from the product.

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