Upgrade 32-bit 4.5.2 to 64-bit Cubase 6


OK, just thought I would confirm my upgrade procedure to see whether I am going to go about things in the right way. I am currently running Cubase 4.5.2 on 32-bit Windows XP SP3. I am planning on upgrading my PC to an 8GB Windows 7 64-bit PC and want to then upgrade Cubase to v.6. Here’s my plan, firstly I am going to back up all Cubase projects and the vst plugins folder. Then, once the new PC is built I am planning on installing WIndows 7 64bit. I’m thinking I will then need to install the original copy of Cubase Studio 4 as 64-bit and patch to the latest version, i.e. 4.5.2. Once this is installed I can upgrade to Cubase 6 and restore my vst plugins and projects folders. Can anyone confirm whether this sounds like the right way to tackle my dilema?



Don’t forget to back up your preference folder. I don’t think you have to upgrade to the latest patch to upgrade to CB6.

OK cool. Fingers crossed!. Thanks for the reply.

And as explained many times here, you don´t even need to install C4 to upgrade to C6…
And if you can simply copy your VST Plugin folder will depend on the Plugins…