Upgrade 6.5 iMac to 11 MacBook air

Hey there… I’m about to purchase a MacBook Air and want to run C11 on it. I’ve been using 6.5 on my iMac for quite a while. I’d like to take advantage of the upgrade price but not sure how I’d go about this, would I need to load 6.5 on the MacBook Air before hand then do the upgrade? Alternatively, will 6.5 work on a 2021 MacBook Air? How should I do this?

Thanks for any help before I dive in and spend my $


No, you don’t have to install your Cubase 6.5 to the new system. It’s just about the license check. At the moment, you will activate the upgrade license in the eLCC application, the eLCC application will test, if there is Cubase 6.5 license on the USB-elicenser. If there is, the license will be upgraded. Then you can install and start Cubase 11.

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I’ll have this up and running in the next few weeks.