Upgrade 6 to 6.5

If you own a version 6 is it free update/upgrade until V7? Or you have to pay for 6.5 if you own 6. How often there is upgrades?

Is there different version of artist: ex Retail Multitrack Recording Software or advanced or pro?


It depends on when you activated your C 6. More info on the Steinberg site -> Support -> “Grace Period”

You mean Cubase Artist? - No

Cubase has a major version upgrade every other or so years for $200. In between these upgrades, there are usually several updates made available at no charge.

Specifically, the upgrade from C5 to C6 was cheaper at $149 (or 75% of the typical upgrade cost) because they had some plans that didn’t quite make it into C6, so C6.5 was rather a retroactive part of the upgrade to C6 and had a minor cost at $49 (or 25%).

The divided price model of C6/6.5 caused quite a stir, but the overall cost was equal to typical costs for upgrades.

When C7 comes out, the upgrade from C6.5 will likely be $200, and $250 from C6, and so on. We could be lucky and receive a boon (since the $250 is a bit steep for some people) at $150 and $200 respectively, though this is less likely.