Upgrade/Access code question?


I tried to search the forum database to see if this had been covered, but had no luck.

First a short history.

I purchased Cubase Studio 4 back in 07, I used it successfully for a year or so until the laptop that I had it installed on became defective. I was unable to have it repaired due to lack of replacement parts.

Around this time I started a new job and recording was put on the back burner. Fast forward to last week! I purchased a KILLER laptop for the purpose of recording again and wanted to install all of my old software. I was able to locate the disc and the e-licenser, along with reactivating my Steinberg.net account to recover the license # and began the process of installing all of the software.

It appeared that everything was going great and then I was prompted for the access code. I have searched my house for this to no avail, but upon further research it appears that each access code can only be used once?

This brings me to my original question!

I have no problem purchasing an upgrade to the newest version, but If I can save myself a few hundred dollars that would be great! IF I buy the upgrade, will I be provided with a new access code that will make everything work? Or, does the older Studio 4 have to have its own activation code?

Any insight on this would be most appreciated!


When purchasing a full version license for Cubase Pro 8, you will receive a new license activation code that allows you to download a new license for Cubase 8 once.

BUT if you’re purchasing an upgrade license to upgrade Cubase 4 to Cubase Pro 8, you will receive an upgrade license activation code that does not allow to simply download a new license – instead, the upgrade license activation code requires your previously purchased Cubase 4 license to be available. That is, you need to connect your eLicenser that contains the Cubase 4 license, then during the license upgrade, your Cubase 4 license will be replaced by the newly purchased Cubase Pro 8 license. The end result is, that you no longer own a Cubase 4 license, but a Cubase Pro 8 license.
Still, as the Cubase Pro 8 license supports most previous Cubase versions, you’d theoretically be able run Cubase 4 with the Cubase Pro 8 license.


Thank you for the quick reply Dirk!

The thing that I’m concerned about is…When I open the eLicenser Control Center there is just a blank window next to the “My Licenceses” window. Is the license actually still on the USB dongle and I just can’t see it?

I feel like I’m in a bit of a catch 22 situation here. If I buy just the upgrade and it doesn’t work I’m out the $$$ for it if I have to turn around and buy the whole program.

Again, thank you for your reply.


I’m having some of the same prob. I bought the cubase 8.2 upgrade and I already have c7 with a SEL and it can be seen but as I enter the app code it tells me there are no licenses that can be upgraded! What’s the story here?

Many thanks Rich.

I received Cubase 5 LE as third party software with an Alesis Acousticlink pickup. I installed Elicense then Cubase following the Steinberg manual. I registered my Elicense having installed it follaowing the Steinberg manual. Following the registration the site replied that the SEL contained no valid product license! Following the Steinberg manual I uninstalled, then reinstalled Elicense and Cubase, and received the same “no valid product license” reply!

What’s up Doc?