Upgrade - an absolute rip off or not

What features particularly are you impressed with about Logic that you prefer to Cubase?

an easy to use sampler that doesnt cost £250 after youve bought the daw!
Can cubase also map midi phrases to keys so they can be triggered that way?

I would upgrade from 9.5-10 if it wasnt $150. cdn. Too much imho.

Does anyone recall a sale at some point last year,and when that is expected in 2019??

There were both update and upgrade sales in the summer.

Amazingly incorrect. Cubase is probably top 3 with PROFESSIONALS who make music for a living. Hundreds of hit songs are mixed and recorded on Cubase here in Nashville. This update offers an “app” that does a simplified, but effective “replication” of the awesome Revoice software…included in the update. IMO that alone is worth the price of the update. I don’t care for some bugs that still exist, nor the Euro color scheme, but like most things, one adjusts.
BTW, where’s the “OR NOT” in your post? Your lack of knowledge regarding Cubase PRO sadly makes you sound more like a troll than a Cubase user.
No software is perfect, and that includes Cubase. Maybe those using the cheaper versions share your feelings, but most pros I work with don’t share your opinion.


Verson Pro 10 has issues that need to be resolved, but, it’s still Cubase, one of the hippest, most feature-rich DAWs on the market and a tremendous value for the money. I’m using Pro 9.5 for now until I feel Pro 10 has been sufficiently patched and corrected. However, If I were a person considering getting into a new DAW, I’d certainly have Cubase – in whatever version someone can afford – at the top of any list.

When I got Pro 8, I joined the forums and it was full of posts saying things like, “I’ve been using this program for 20 years and this is the worst version ever,” and others saying, “I’ve used this program for 10 minutes and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Pro 8 was great, I updated to Pro 9, then Pro 9.5. – great program. Pro 10 needs work, but, again, it’s still Cubase. :slight_smile:

(heading for Brazil) :slight_smile: