upgrade Artist 10 to Pro 10.5.... blocked by Artist upgrade to 10.5?... help lol

I purchased Cubase Artist 10 not long ago… then decided to upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5… An addn’l $500 and a code is sent to me… Somehow, my Artist 10 got upgraded to 10.5… so my e-Licenser says upgrade from Artist 10 to Pro 10.5… That’s what I think the problem is… lol
The activation code isn’t accepted onto my e-Licenser… e-L says I have Artist 10.5
Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Obviously you need to contact the seller.

If your description is correct, you need to return your update and get pro 10.0 to 10.5 update.
But to be sure…if you read your elicencer what licence do you have now exactly. (You now say artist 10.5)
And if you type in the activation code, what does it say exactly (You now say update from artist 10.0 to pro 10.5).