Upgrade at reduced price for a Cubase Elements 10.5

I have and ask. I bought the Steinberg audio interface ur22mkII.
In the box was also the software Steinberg Cubase AI and Cubase Le packed.
The info stated that you can upgrade at reduced price for a Cubase Elements 10.5. You can do this by clicking on the link www.steinberg.net/ceupgrade.
But… when I click on this link I will visit the website of www.Steinberg.net but I don’t see any indication where I can download Cubase Elements at the reduced price.I also downloaded the last driver ysusb_v203_win.zip 236 kb.
Do I also need to download the ur22mkII Firmware Updates V1.04-3 MB?
Do I need to install it?

Maybe one of you can help me solve this.
Thanks in advance.
Gilberto :wink:


I would recommend to update the firmware.

You can find the upgrade at the Steinberg > Shop page.