Upgrade C 9.5x to C 10.0x

I am searching in the shop to buy an Upgrade from C 9.5x to C 10.0x. I could not find this record.
For the reason of MUST using Win10 I do not want to upgrade “higher”.

Topo :sunglasses:

If you upgrade to C11 then this will allow you to run v10.

If you activate any new/upgrade version of cubase then SB give you the latest version.

Thanks for the information.
But here I need to pay more… (159,-€ vs. 99,-€).
Do anyone know a cheeper way (99,-€ or less)?
In the moment I am not happy with Steinberg. No support for Win 8.1, Upgrade pricing policy and most of new functions in new versions “stolen” from other plugin vendors.
Topo :sunglasses: