upgrade C4 - C6 on windows 7

Question: do I need to install C4 first or will the upgrade CD contain all I need to C6 running on a windows 7 system?
I just rebuild my DAW PC (was running XP and Cubase 4 since 2006).
i installed windows 7 and purchased the upgrade from Cubase 4 to 6. The CD has not yet arrived.
I installed Cubase 4 om the new system but it wont run.

You don’t need to have Cubase 4 installed before you install Cubase 6.

The “upgrade” refers to the upgrading of your license, not upgrading your previous installation of Cubase.

But be careful, if you used HALion One in the Cubase 4.

HALion One was replaced by HALion Sonic SE(lots of advantages here). You have to install HALion One separately, if you want to use it in your Cubase 6 (for example, if you used it in your projects in the Cubase 4).

Many thanks for the response + info.