Upgrade cost from 6.5 to N 7

I haven’t seen this anywhere. Comes out tomorrow.
Any info?

It is technically “tomorrow” in Germany now…

Here’s the page with pricing mentioned:


THANKS STEINBERG!! for keeping the pricing real.
If i’d upgraded my PT10 to 12 it would of cost me over $1200 and getting very little improvements and new futures from v10
Nuendo 7 has an incredible amount of new futures and changes which I hope are good ones (still downloading the update)

looking forward to giving it a test drive as soon as I have it installed

Thanks :smiley:

Thank you. Indeed, compared to PT12, we’ve quite a few things to offer :wink:


I was just wondering, since Padshop and Halion Sonic are now included in N7, the Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz, Tuner all from Cubase 8 Pro,what’s left in NEK to justify the $100 cost?

Hi tryphon,

here you will find all that is included in the NEK:

All the best