Upgrade CPU

Hello to all I ask for advice I would like to upgrade the CPU. i currently have an intel i7 4790 3.60gz (socket 1150)

what could I buy to significantly increase performance?

Thank you very much!!

Very little that will see a noticeable return as you’re already on one of the higher powered CPU’s for Socket H3/1150 systems.

You could move to the I7-4790K CPU, and that opens up overclocking possibilities but your motherboard, thermals and PSU need to be of decent standard to maintain stability… Otherwise it’s of very little advantage at this point, even overclocked won’t see that much performance in truth.

The only significant performance boost you would see is moving to a higher core count CPU, such as newer (8th gen onwards) i7’s that have six cores (4 extra threads), and upgrade motherboard etc.

If you was hoping this would be a simple CPU change, then you may be better working out ways to optimise projects to gain back CPU capacity in your system. i.e. start making more efficient use of busses from a CPU perspective to prevent un-necessary inserts, and increasing ASIO buffers when at the mixing stage.

Maybe mix down compositions into audio stems and import into a new project for the purposes of mixing too. You can’t do that with all genres though, i appreciate. Doing this, you gain back all your CPU time from the plugins that had previously been used to create the composition which provides plenty of headroom for mixing.

thanks for your valuable advice !!!

Great advice!