upgrade cs5 to 6 questions

  1. If upgraded can i still edit songs from cs5 in 6?
  2. I’m running on vista home premium 32bit, can i use 6?
  3. My main reason for upgrading is the new amp modeling and vst’s, are they worth the $200 or should I get an aftermarket brand like guitar rig 4, which i think is the same price.

1 Yes
2 Probably
3 Who knows?

I would seriously consider spending the money to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. The upgrade is only about $115, it will let you do a clean install and your Cubase will be “officially” supported. Not to mention I really think Windows 7 is a smoother, cleaner OS than Vista. I was using Cubase 5 on Vista 32 and now I am Cubase 5 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit and I can tell a difference. The 32 bit plug-ins can be a little tricky but I don’t use many and jBridge seems to fix any of them that the built in VST bridge doesn’t.
Something to consider…

thanks for the replies, i will definately consider W7

I just upgraded to W7 64 bit and did the same to CS5, installed the 64 bit version. Do i need to get a new activation code as on my eliscence it say “all applications” are only valid for 24hrs, but it does say my CS5 is a full version.

You shouldn’t need a new activation code. I did update the eLicenser software because the one on the install disk was out of date. Then I started Cubase and when it asked me to register or activate, I just clicked “already registered (or activated)”.