Upgrade Cubase 10 Elements to 10 Artist

Can anyone tell me if I can upgrade from 10 Elements to 10 Artist , using an upgrade From AI to Artist?
I’m thinking about the following product : https://www.thomann.de/intl/steinberg_cubase_artist_10_upgrade_ai.htm

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

No, you have to buy an upgrade from Cubase AI, not from Cubase Elements.

Original wrong post (sorry for misreading):
Yes, the Cubase Elements version is not specified here. It could be any.

No, to upgrade from Elements, you need an upgrade from Elements.

Oh, sorry, I misread it!

There is dedicated upgrade from Cubase AI (which is more expensive then the upgrade from Cubase Elements). See all upgrade options in glance here.

Thank you, svennilenni!

Understood, thank you very much for answering!
I was just trying to find a cheaper solution)) but I guess that’s the only way)