upgrade cubase 5 to 6 , is it possible ?

hello ,
i use cubase 5.5.3 full version , and i like to know if there is any possible way to upgrade it to cubase 6:question:

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Go to the Steinberg online shop.

i went to the online shop but there was only upgrade for cubase 6 elements
and upgrade from cubase artist

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BTW i own the education version of 5 is it still possible ?

You didn’t look properly!

It’s an Update not an Upgrade by the way!


I Want The Update Or Upgrade.

Update from Cubase 4 or Cubase 5 (select that)

Yes you can update from an Edu version to a full C6.

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sorry but i don’t understand , you posted me a link to buy the cubase 6 full version …

i meant to asked if there is a cheaper way as a user of cubase 5 to upgrade it to cubase 6 as there were before in older versions ?? didn’t mean if i can buy a cubase 6 full version cause in this case i wouldn’t ask any kind of this question , i would go strait to the shop …

thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Well, if you just took a closer look you might see, you can choose the upgrades / updates underneath the “I want the full version” option (And yes, you´ll have to choose the correct update yourself). Not really so hard to find if you look properly.
Apart from that, the content of the link might depend on where you are located.

i`m foreigner located in japan …

i looked all over and didn`t find what you said i should …

couldn`t find any upgrade from cubase 5 to 6 !!

can`t they make it easier ?? … like posting a link says : " upgrade to cubase 6 from older versions …"
and a price list to each version … to upgrade from …

anyway i couln`t find anything that looks like it , after i asked before some shop around here and the guy said : " look in the internet for upgrades …"

thanks for trying to help :wink:

Actually that’s what they did in the shop. Underneath the picture of the box of Cubase 6 there are two frames called “1 Specify your choice” and “2 Your purchase”.

In the frame “1 Specify your choice” are different options including the one you were asking for. If you cannot see it maybe it’s different in the Japanese version of the web page. A telephone call to Steinberg Japan could be helpful.


That´s just the point, Steinberg does not ship to Japan directly, therefore you don´t see the offer…

Try Amazon. This says they ship to Asia.

thanks , i’ll try through amazon …