Upgrade Cubase 6 licenced and no longer access to Cubase 5!

Hi all,
I am using a laptop and a studio PC and now I set up a new laptop and installed there directly the upgrade to Cubase 6. I licenced Cubase 6 via eLicenser and this shows the license as correct and I am able to sync the licens with Steinberg, too.

This morning I wanted to close a project on my Studio PC with Cubase 5, which I had licensed correctly earlier and I payed money for that, too. But this is not possible as Cubase 5 says, that there is no valid license on the dongle.


And just right now I installed Cubase 6 on the studio Pc (besides Cubase 5) and now Cubase 5 is accepting the licenser!!!

@Steinberg: sorry, this time your job wasn’t correct. Not starting a software because of licensing issues, which are no issues, is not correct - as I have paid money for that!!

Before accusing Steinberg, you should do more research to solve your problem. Is the forum filled with issues like your’s? No, which means it’s something you are doing wrong. It’s always recommended to upgrade to the latest eLCC.

Thanks a lot for that information.

But I expect - and I am working in software development, too - that an upgrade to a newer version has no impact on the licensing of a running software version.

I am not accusing Steinberg, I am telling, what I expect from a customer point of view.

And the solution? For sure I will NOT upgrade immediately to the next Cubase version as I did in the past. (I started in 1996 with Cubase VST)

He’s saying to make sure the usb dongle licence software is the latest.