Upgrade Cubase 8 > 8.5?

Hello folks

I’m sure this is a very well-worn topic but I just wondered, with all the updates/patches over the months since release, is 8.5 a good, stable product and a worthwhile upgrade from 8?

I’m just asking now because the Steinberg Summer Sale means I can upgrade for a very reasonable price.
But I don’t want to be beguiled by price when actually it might be better to stick with 8.

I don’t really use audio, I mainly work in the Score Editor to create large orchestral pieces using VSTs - EW Hollywood Orchestra Diamond etc. Plus QL Spaces for reverb.

In case it’s relevant I have a i7 5820K, 32gb RAM, 4x 500gb Samsung 850 EVOs, UR22 interface. Windows 7 64bit, but inevitably upgrading to 10 soon.


8.5 is a great product but if I were you I would upgrade after October 15 2016. You will get Cubase pro 9 for free. :smiley:
It’s only 4 months away…

…I’ve just had this offer too. But it’s not clear whether I need or indeed get the hipster beard too?

You can upgrade and continue using Cubase Pro 8 if you don’t like 8.5 for whatever reason. That will make the upgrade to Cubase Pro 9 cheaper later.

Where did you get this information?

i upgraded today and i feel it was worth the 30 dollars easily

Every year they offer this so far. I upgraded from 7.5-8 and got 8.5 for free last year.


Thanks for the replies folks.

I’ll probably get this now, but hold off installing/activating it for a few months to give me a better chance of Cubase 9 upgrade benefit!
Does that sound reasonable?