Upgrade Cubase AI 4 to Cubase Element 13

A long time ago, I bought Cubase AI 4. However, I no longer have the computer where it was installed (it has been formatted).

Now I would like to buy Cubase Element 13, which costs 99€, but I saw that upgrading from Cubase AI 4 costs 49€. I was wondering whether it is possible to buy this upgrade even though I have not Cubase AI 4 installed on my laptop (and I cannot find the download online).

Does someone have an idea what I should do?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You don’t need the application is installed. You need the license, which sits in the Soft-eLicenser. If this is not the case anymore, go for the Reactivation, please. Then your Cubse AI license appears and you can activate the upgrade.

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