Upgrade Cubase AI to Pro 10 and then 10.5

Hi guys,

I have Cubase AI 10 installed on my system.

At the start of the week I purchased the upgrade to Pro 10. I haven’t installed it yet but have now realised that 10.5 is out and that there is a grace period.

How do I go about getting from AI to Pro 10.5?

Do I have to install the update then apply for the second upgrade code and install 10 then 10.5, or is there a way to go direct from AI to a clean 10.5 install?

Hope that this all makes sense and many thanks!

Jay :slight_smile:

You can install AI, Pro 10, and Pro 10.5 all three separately if you want or any combination of them. The most efficient, is to just install Pro 10.5 unless you plan to still use AI or Pro 10. The programs themselves don’t “update” but are separate programs. The license is what gets “updated or upgraded”.