Upgrade Cubase AI6 -> Elements 13

Dear all,

I would like to upgrade from Cubase AI6, which I have on my USB-eLicenser, to Cubase Elements 13.
Will this work and how?
I assume that I‘ll need the USB-eLicenser to attach to the computer, when installing the Cubase Elements 13 version, so that Cubase can check for the AI6 license?

Thanks for any help!

Just go to the Steinberg website, select Cubase, click on the Buy Cubase button and then chose Cubsae Elements 13. In the screen that follows make sure to select the Upgrade and the right option.

When you enter the Download Access Code, after buying it, it will check the existing license and mark it as upgraded. After that you don’t need the eLicenser anymore, unless you still have other products on it, that depend on the old licensing system.