Upgrade Cubase Elements 6 to 11 - dongle needed again (but not for trial version)?

I have an old version of Cubase Elements 6 that ran with a usb dongle. A couple of weeks ago I installed the Cubase Elements 11 trial version. That has been running fine without a dongle. Now I wanted to buy the upgrade - a bit of a hassle but I got there. However, now that I no longer run the trial version it needs the usb dongle again. So I guess I have somehow updated the license on the key. Would anyone know whether this is normal? If so I’ll just continue using the dongle (but it looks a bit weird since the trial version ran fine without it). Any comment is much appreciated! Mario.

By default a fresh Elements license doesn’t need the dongle but if the license is transfered to a dongle it can’t be sent back to the eLicenser. I think because your Elements 6 was on a dongle and you upgraded that license to 11 this now means that upgraded license is dongle dependant.

I assume the trial version was fresh standalone version of Elements 11 so would not have been dongle dependant.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It is hard to remember step by step, but at a certain point it did ask for the dongle to be inserted. I guess that makes sense since it contained the Elements 6 key - so somehow they need to see I do have a valid earlier version to be eligible for the upgrade. But I’m not sure anymore about the steps that came after that - maybe it asked for which key to be upgraded and I mistakenly selected the one on the dongle iof the software trial one. Not sure ,-)