Upgrade Cubase LE 4.0.3 to 4.1.3 Issue


Looking for some assistance please…

I am having an issue with upgrading Cubase from 4.0.3 to 4.1.3? I have even placed the original disk in my iMac but the new version does not show 4.1.3?

Some background: I moved from a PC environment and applied for a new licence key (soft key). When I re-installed Cubase on my iMac, many of my plugins no longer worked - just some some basic ones (room reverb) and a few guitar effects. Halion did not install - nor some of the better reverb and delay effects. So I really don’t have much to work with.

When I go to perform a simple Process on an audio track - say, Noise Gate or Reverse or Fade Out - it crashes Cubase and does not run the process.

My second question is whether I should just upgrade to 6.0 (if this is the most logical next step for a basic home studio) and skip over this LE 4.0 headache ?

Many thanks,



This link has the latest update file for LE4. You won’t find it on an original install disk.

Tx for the reply btw…I finally bought a USB eLicense, upgraded to Artist 6 and things look great…but the Audio Process is all greyed out - and what happened to the right click menu?