Upgrade Cubase LE 5

I purchased a new macbook and would like to upgrade my copy of Cubase LE 5 to LE 9, but LE 5 isn’t supported by my OS. is it possible for me to get a download of LE9? I purchased the upgrade before realizing that LE 5 wasn’t supported on my new mac.


Hi and welcome,

Install eLCC application. I hope Soft-eLicenser Number will be created. If not, install Cubase Elements 9 Trial (you don’t have to activate it). Once the Soft-eLicenser is created, reactivate your Cubase LE 5 license to your new Mac. Then you can upgrade the license to Cubase LE 9.

Then you don’t need to download Cubase LE 9 anymore. Cubase Elements 9 and Cubase LE 9 shares the same installer. Only the license decides what functions are available.