Upgrade cubase le ai elements 10.5 to 11 pro

hey I have cubase le ai elements 10.5 and I want to get 11 pro but I can’t find cubase le ai elements 10.5 on the discount side can anybody help me with what to chose so that I can get a discount when buying 11pro

These are 4 variants… so which one do you have exactly?

where can I find which version I have

and I think I don’t have all the plugins and stuff that comes with cubase le ai elements 10.5 can I just download them plus I don’t know what comes with it

again these are 4 different versions…
the comparison document on Cubase 10 is not available on the main page anymore.

I would suggest to check your “MySteinberg” account to find out which licenses you own or what you registered…

its says I own cubase AI

I can’t give advice on the online shop since these are different from country to country…
But there should be the AI version listed somewhere…

sorry to ask but do you have an instagram where I can sed you the screen shot of the options I get cause I can’t send it here ?

no instagram here…
what’s your location?

I am from Norway

go to Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg

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