Upgrade Cubase Pro 8.5 EDU to Cubase 10 EDU


I have Cubase Pro 8.5 EDU version and I want to upgrade it to Cubase Pro 10 EDU (or full version).
I could not find a way to perform this upgrade anywhere on your website, is it possible to do? An if it is how much would it cost?

Best regards!
Jacek (Poland)

The EDU License is fixed for the version that you bought, after the initial purchase you follow standard upgrade process for Pro 8.5->Pro 10 which is labelled as “Update from Cubase 7 / 7.5 / Pro 8 / 8.5” on the steinberg purchase page.

Basically there’s no price reduction for upgrades even if your initial purchase was the EDU edition, see point 7 here for better explaination:-

After your first upgrade it is the full commercial license that you’ll move to. At this point, it may be wise waiting until version 10.5 in a few months.

And note: This is a user forum, i’m not part of Steinberg in anyway.